Greetings everyone! I was supposed to make this blogpost last month but for some reason I just didn’t have the motivation to make it. However, I do have that motivation now and I am having an iced tea and listening to alt-J so I am feeling much more motivated, so here is my New York City trip blogpost! This will be divided into two different posts because this will be long since we did so much stuff and visited a lot of places. So here’s part one of this New York Trip.

If you guys didn’t know, NYC is my favourite city ever and you’ve probably heard a lot of people say that already but I really do mean it. It gives me such a feeling that I don’t get from any other place. Living in Toronto you’d think I’d get the same city vibe that I get when I’m in New York, but nope. I mean, I still do love Toronto, I grew up here so it has a place in my heart, but New York has a bigger place in my heart.

July 1
We were supposed to leave Toronto on the first of July but our flight was delayed a couple hours since there was a thunderstorm surrounding La Guardia Airport in NY at the time. Then, our flight was cancelled since the thunderstorm didn’t leave and it would be dangerous for us to fly through thunder and rain so our flight was moved the next morning. This isn’t really a part of the whole NYC trip that’s why I didn’t include July 1 in the featured image above.

July 2 – Departing Toronto
We got to Pearson Airport early since we knew a lot of passengers from the night before would be lining up to get the earliest flight to NY. We went through customs, passport checking, etc., you know, the usual airport stuff. Anyway, fast forward to the travel.

I didn’t get window seat in the plane and my mom refused to give it to me because she’s the one who got the seat so I moved to the back of the plane and sat in the empty seats. I downloaded films (The Social Network, The Shining, Good Will Hunting, and Kramer Vs. Kramer) to watch during the flight but I spent the hour looking out the sunset. When we arrived to La Guardia, the sunset was breathtaking.

I mean, if that doesn’t say “welcome, we’re glad you’re here!” then I don’t know what does. We already reserved a pick up service that would take us from the airport to our hotel in Upper East Side so we waited for the car, and we drove to the hotel. Now this is where it gets interesting, when we are checking in, the receptionist said that all the rooms were full and that our reservation was not in their computer. So my mom got mad and talked to them until they gave us our room. There were four of us and my mom had asked to give us a room that had two beds. When we entered the room, there was only ONE bed. Where are the other two of us going to sleep, right? My parents were forced to sleep on the floor since the hotel said that they will move us to a different room with two beds the next morning. So that was settled, or at least we thought it was. It was dinner time and we were exhausted so we walked around 1st Ave. to eat and we stumbled upon Delizia and ate dinner there. Then after dinner, we were planning to go to Times Square to see it at night but we were already exhausted from the flight and the hotel issue so we decided to do it the next morning.

July 3 – Times Square, Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, and everything in between
We arrived at Times Square at around 9:30 in the morning so there weren’t lots of people there. There were still people but not as busy and chaotic as it would be later on in the day.


We took a tour bus that drove us around the city. Of course we had to sit at the top of the bus to get the full city view and I really missed being up there. I mean, I have seen these buildings before since I went there in 2014 but something about being surrounded by skyscrapers made me feel satisfied. I was as happy as I can be. We got off at the stop near Madison Square Garden because my parents wanted a picture with the arena.

We took a couple pictures at MSG, we didn’t actually go in, though. I don’t think it was open at the time we were there or maybe there wasn’t any event happening inside. However, there were still many people around and a lot of tourists took photographs of it and with it as well.

Since the Empire State Building was just around the corner (not literally, but it was close), we decided to just walk the distance. We passed by the city’s Macy’s  which I believe is the biggest Macy’s in the whole world. There were a few people lined up outside the stores who I believe probably work in the fashion industry there.

We got to the Empire State Building. We didn’t go in or go to the observation deck because we were planning to go to the Top of the Rock instead of the Empire State. Plus, there was already a line up outside despite it being really early. It was hard to take a picture with the building since it was really tall and we were all the way at the foot of the building. So here is my sad attempt of taking a picture of the Empire State Building.


After the ESB, we walked around more to see more skyscrapers. Then we got to the nearest tour bus stop and rode all the way to Broadway and Fulton St. to visit the One World Trade Centre.


My picture really doesn’t do the building justice since that beautiful piece of architecture is beyond beautiful and makes me think about the lives that were lost during 9/11. We decided to stop by the actual memorial where the names of those who died were engraved and it was heartbreaking. The memorial was huge and we only went to one of the two memorials but it was really sad seeing so many names there.

After visiting the One World Trade Centre, I remembered that Wall Street isn’t very far of a walk from where we were at the time so I told my parents we had to visit Wall Street since the Wolf of Wall Street and the Dark Knight Rises and many more other films were shot there. Walking around Wall Street really makes you feel like you’re rich, it gives you that 15 minutes of richness (instead of fame). It makes you feel professional because you know inside those buildings are men wearing fancy suits who are gripping on their briefcases.

One of the reasons why I wanted to visit the New York Stock Exchange is because Leo DiCaprio walked there and he is one of my favourite actors in the world so.. there’s that.

Anyways, after Wall Street we decided we were going to grab some lunch at Industry Kitchen before doing any more sightseeing. I remember ordering from their brunch menu because I was craving breakfast still. I mean, there is never a bad time to have breakfast, right? Our table was outside of the restaurant and we had a view of the East River and Brooklyn. I totally forgot to take a picture of our view because I was so hungry, so whoops?

After lunch, we walked Broadway again trying to find the entrance (is that what it’s called?) to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. This was not easy because we were literally lost for about an hour and all the energy that came from my brunch got used up. We walked all of Fulton St. all over again, it was around 7-10 blocks as far as I could remember. That’s where I learned that walking and getting around the city isn’t so bad because the avenues are numbered and the streets are easy to remember, it’s just a lot of finding and walking.

We walked all the way to Chambers St. which is where the beginning of the Brooklyn Bridge started if you’re going from Manhattan to Brooklyn. There were a lot of vendors selling souvenirs like shirts, fridge magnets, NYC art, keychains, etc. and there were A LOT of people.

May I tell you that walking the Brooklyn Bridge is not a joke and it is not easy when it’s scorching hot outside and there are so many people trying to get to the same place. But I’ll tell you this, when you’re there, when you’re finally on the bridge and you look back on the New York City skyline, it’s so worth it.


We continued walking for a little while to get close to the middle of the bridge but there were too many people so we decided to just stop where we were and stay there a little bit. So, this was my view for a while.

I applaud the people who can walk all the way to the other side of the bridge because it is so exhausting. Maybe I would have been able to cross it if I didn’t walk so much prior to getting to the bridge but like I said, my energy ran out. We got off the bridge and bought a few souvenirs for friends and I bought a grey New York shirt which I wore the next day.

Anyway, after the Brooklyn Bridge, we decided to ride the tour bus again. We got off at Hell’s Kitchen which always reminded me of Daredevil. I bought another souvenir, this time it was a grey New York cap that I got from an actual store that from what I remember cost $10-$15. From Hell’s Kitchen, we walked to Times Square. This time, the place was so packed since it was already about 6:30 p.m. at the time. We took a couple of pictures on the Red Stairs which reminded me of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I took some pictures of Times Square afterwards.


After that, we decided to grab dinner at Jollibee – a famous Filipino fast food chain. The nearest Jollibee was in Queens, which was pretty damn far from Times Square but we went anyway. I don’t have any other picture of Queens besides from one that I took of the subway train tracks that was above the street. But I’ll tell you this, the food from Jollibee was amazing. I mean, maybe I’m only saying that because I didn’t have it for two years and I was really craving but who knows, the food was good. We ordered their corned beef sandwich, a bucket of Jollibee Chicken Joys, Jolly Spaghetti, mashed potatoes, and more. I ate twice my weight that night. No regrets. It wasn’t a regular thing so I think I deserved to pig out.

After dinner, we went back to our hotel and here comes the receptionist again telling us there are no more rooms with two beds that were available. Then how come they said they were going to move us to a new room when there weren’t any rooms left? My mom got mad again and they gave us a room with a view of Upper East Side which confused us even more. Weren’t they just telling us there weren’t any more rooms available? That’s something.

Anyway, we got some rest after that because we had a big day coming up the next morning. I slept like a baby since I was so exhausted and my feet and legs were killing me.

The second part of this this trip is here.



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