This is the second part of my New York Trip blogpost. The first one is here. I was in New York for three days and two nights and this blogpost contains the events that happened on the last day, from Rockefeller Center, to the NBC Studios, to the Top of the Rock, to MoMA, to La Guardia, and home.

July 4
We woke up really early because we didn’t want to waste the day since it was our last day in the city. We had a lot of places to visit so we checked out the hotel as fast as we could. Like I said on my previous post, I wore the grey New York shirt that I bought the day before under my overalls.

Anyway, we took a cab to get to 5th Avenue which was where the Rockefeller Center was. I sat shotgun so I could take better pictures. The cab driver tried to have a conversation with me asking me where we were from and I said Toronto. He mentioned that he was just there a month ago to attend a wedding, which I found really nice. I asked him if he enjoys driving around the streets of New York and he said that he used to get annoyed with it but he learned how to deal with other reckless drivers. I was taking pictures while I was sitting in the front seat and he noticed so he said that a few blocks from where we were at the time, there’s a really nice block that people usually take pictures of and he even mentioned that he’ll slow down the cab while we pass by that block so I could take a picture. Here’s the block.


I forgot what the street was called but either way it was really nice. It was very kind of the driver to slow down the cab too so I could photograph it. I don’t know, somehow that made me very happy. Little things like that mean a lot to me especially because I love New York and I love photographing the city and its people. Anyway, we got to the Rockefeller Center at around 11:45 in the morning. There were a lot of American flags waving outside since it was Fourth of July. I think it was the Today Show that had a band playing outside their studio, but we saw them play. We were contemplating whether or not to go to the Top of the Rock or not. At first, my parents thought it was too expensive but I begged them and told them that the New York experience isn’t complete without a visit to the Top of the Rock.

After paying, we were lined up in front of an elevator that would take us to the other elevator that would lift us 67 floors up. It took a while but the wait was worth it. The elevator took around a minute and a half to bring us 67 floors up, which was fast, super fast. They had really cool light effects in the elevator and they were really nice. When we got to the top, oh man, the view… I have no words to explain it so here are the pictures.


It really felt like you were on top of the world. Seeing the city from that point of view was something else. It was beautiful and I was so amazed by the amount of skyscrapers and buildings and pretty architecture that was around. I think being up there really just confirmed the fact that I want to live in New York someday. I wanted to be surrounded by these high buildings and see yellow cabs and see many different people everyday. I wanted to be there.

There were still a few floors (I think 2 more) that we could go to to see the view higher up so obviously we went up. The view was the same thing but it was nicer to see everything from a higher point of view. I used my GoPro to take these pictures, hence the fish eye effect.

After being there for about an hour and half, we finally went back down to grab some lunch. The Rockefeller Center has a few restaurants so we ate at Rock Center Cafe. During lunch, we were discussing where to head to next since we didn’t really have any plans that day that was official besides going to the Top of the Rock. So I suggested we go to MoMa since it was just walking distance. I’ve always wanted to go to MoMa but never got the chance to because of time limit the last time we went to New York. However, this time, I finally got to go. We walked 5th Ave. and turned to W 53rd Street to get to MoMA and I was SO pumped. I’m 16 and I read the night before that people 16 and under are free to enter so I was even more pumped. I got my mom to go in with me since my dad isn’t a big fan of art. Here are some pictures.

I took more pictures of the art that were there but those I included in this blogpost were my favourite ones. My love for art was rekindled and I finally got to see The Starry Night by Van Gogh in real life! That’s something I could cross off my bucket list. My mom and I walked around for a little bit around the museum to see other pieces but our flight was in an hour and a half and we had to leave to get to the airport. It was sad but I was still happy that I got to go either way.

We walked back to the Rockefeller Center to wait for a cab and I took some pictures of the streets on the way there.

It was scorching hot and it was hard to wait in the heat and I’m a very impatient person, so when I got in the cab I was sweating buckets. Anyway, we got to La Guardia Airport and my heart felt so heavy because I felt like I was being taken away from the place where my heart lives. That sounded really cheesy but I love New York, it’s my dream to live and start a career there. Flying back home felt… weird.

New York, you have again gave me memories to last a lifetime. I was happy to be a tourist and will one day finally live there. Thank you for the hospitality and the views. ‘Till next time, xo.


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