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S H A Y   L O I S E  H E N D I V E

By the amount of “describe yourself” work I’ve had to do in the past, you’d think by now I know how exactly to tell who I am. But nope, I’m never really quite sure how to describe myself without sounding like I love myself too much. I’ve always found it hard to positively talk about myself without sounding like I’m conceited. I try to both talk good and bad about myself to even it out, it’s just something I do. Maybe it’s me being humble but also maybe not, who knows?

Let me just introduce myself to you, my name is Shay Loise Hendive, I’m a 17 year old from Toronto, Canada, who loves to write about anything and everything without limitations. I am aspiring to become a writer one day, or whatever can pay the bills. I was born in the Philippines but moved to Canada when I was 10 and so far it’s been a great ride.

I don’t know what else to say about myself besides my name, age, and where I’m from. I guess you’ll know a lot about me by the type of content I’m going to be posting on here. There’s a lot of things I already know about myself but there’s also a lot of other things I still have yet to find out about who I am. I made this blog to be able to express my thoughts and feelings and whatever comes to my mind. So go ahead and figure me out.


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