This is the second part of my New York Trip blogpost. The first one is here. I was in New York for three days and two nights and this blogpost contains the events that happened on the last day, from Rockefeller Center, to the NBC Studios, to the Top of the Rock, to MoMA, to La Guardia, and home.

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Greetings everyone! I was supposed to make this blogpost last month but for some reason I just didn’t have the motivation to make it. However, I do have that motivation now and I am having an iced tea and listening to alt-J so I am feeling much more motivated, so here is my New York City trip blogpost! This will be divided into two different posts because this will be long since we did so much stuff and visited a lot of places. So here’s part one of this New York Trip.

If you guys didn’t know, NYC is my favourite city ever and you’ve probably heard a lot of people say that already but I really do mean it. It gives me such a feeling that I don’t get from any other place. Living in Toronto you’d think I’d get the same city vibe that I get when I’m in New York, but nope. I mean, I still do love Toronto, I grew up here so it has a place in my heart, but New York has a bigger place in my heart.

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Hello, folks! I know, I know, I haven’t posted in what- 3 months? I seriously from the bottom of my heart apologize for that (mini) hiatus. I have been so busy with school for the past few weeks and have been putting off writing blogposts for weeks and weeks until it became months.

So, how have you guys been? How has life treated you lately? Anything new?

Well, for me, not much has changed. I’m still the same old me but now living somewhere else. I know I haven’t posted pictures of our new apartment yet but that’s because I only come home during the weekends, I spend the weekdays at my friends’ house where I’m currently living. When school finishes, I’m officially moving in to that apartment. I mean, everything I own is already set up there already. Heck, my parents are already living there! I promise to post pictures of the apartment when I officially move in, which is in two weeks. I have had so much work to do and exams were just this week. But I’m okay now since school is over.

Anyway, enough of my stressful life. I’ve got news for you guys. Yep, I’m going to New York City (again!) this Fourth of July weekend! It was only a brief plan, we barely thought about actually planning the trip. However, my mom still booked a flight and hotel to NYC. We’re leaving Toronto on July 1 to go to the city and as far as I can remember we’re staying in Upper East Side. Since we only went for two days the last time we went and barely got to where we wanted to go, we’re staying there for a longer amout of time this time. And we’re gonna go to as many spots that we want to because NYC trips rarely happens for us so we’re making the most of it this time.

So here is a list of spots I want to visit (in no particular order):

  • Times Square, this is always a must anyways.
  • Empire State Building, like actually see the New York skyline from up there.
  • MoMA!!! I didn’t go the last time and I’ve always been a lover of art so it would be AMAZING to go there.
  • Brooklyn Bridge, actually walk on it.
  • Brooklyn in general.
  • Grand Central just because it looks romantic and reminds me of Before We Go (2015).
  • Maybe see a play? (Hamilton preferably but I don’t have $$$)
  • Eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant (because my friends forced me to watch Forrest Gump last week).
  • Statue of Liberty, I went last time but never actually got off the ferry.
  • Anything else in between.
  • The MET.
  • 9/11 Memorial.

So that’s it so far, I think. I don’t know where else I want to go because those are the main attractions. I just can’t wait, you know. It’s my favourite place in the world and I would drop anything I’m doing to go there anytime. The city itself gives me a feeling I can’t put into words but it makes me feel happy and new.

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great start of the summer because I sure will! Again, sorry for not posting a lot but I promise I will this summer.

PS: I’m gonna bring back my YouTube because I got a GoPro this week and I’m gonna film while in NYC so you guys should check my YouTube out. Link’s on the right side of my blog.


So I missed a whole day of school today due to an English trip, which now that I think about it, I probably shouldn’t have gone to. But it was worth my $36.


that’s the stage, you can’t see it because it’s dark but those things are sort of the above of the stage.


We went to Toronto Centre for the Arts to watch the Romeo and Juliet play that we’ve been reading in class for the past 3 weeks. I have very mixed opinions about the play and the plot and what happens in the story, but I’ll save that for later.

The play was overall really good, considering they barely used any props other than Juliet’s little table where she was lying on when she was under that sleeping potion and those little fake candle lights. That was it, that was all the props they used. The lighting confused me a little bit because lights were off the whole play but the actors carried a little flashlight (I assume it was a flashlight, I’m not sure, I couldn’t see) and they would put it in front of their face so that the audience knows who’s talking to who. The actors and actresses were of limited amount so many characters had double parts to play. The acting was very good, or maybe it’s just because it’s the first play I’ve ever watched with actual professional actors. But it was good. Romeo was very good at making the emotions come out of him, and I loved every second he was on the stage. Juliet had a very nice voice and you could feel what she was feeling just by listening to her. The guy who played Benvolio and the Nurse was hilarious, I loved him. Friar Lawrence and Capulet was played by the same actor, he was really good as well. The girl who played Tybalt, Lady Capulet, AND Paris was just amazing. I don’t know how she could handle so many parts! The guy who played Mercutio and the Prince was probably my favourite. There was this scene where he just started dry humping the stage and giving Romeo a lap dance and doing inappropriate gestures, which was fitting because that’s exactly who Mercutio was.

When Romeo and Juliet met at the ball and had their first kiss, everyone started clapping then they kissed again, then later on in the play they kissed some more, which led up to sex where the girl playing Juliet took off Romeo’s tank top. And may I say that the actor who played Romeo was very fit. I was one of the people who started yelling when his shirt was taken off. Forgive me Father for I have sinned. The play had really interesting background music. There was this bit where Romeo and Juliet had a dance production and it was really nice, the background song was a really slow and sad cover of Chasing Cars, it almost made me cry. Anyway, when the play ended we were allowed to ask the actors and actresses questions so one person asked if the guy playing Romeo was dating the girl playing Juliet, and the guy went “no, actually my girlfriend is right there,” and he pointed to this girl on the left side of the audience and we all started laughing. I wonder how it must have felt for her to see her boyfriend kiss another girl right in front of her. Must’ve been weird.

Anyway, here’s my take on Romeo and Juliet. People say that it’s a tragic love story, but I disagree. I don’t think it’s a love story at all, I just think it’s tragic. Romeo didn’t love Juliet. He was in love with what he saw, he loved Juliet’s looks and all he was after was to get her to marry him, after what? 30 minutes of meeting. May I also say that they’ve made out TWICE and they’ve only met for like 5 minutes. That isn’t love. They didn’t even get to know eachother that well, they just wanted to be together. I would say it’s more of lust than love. Also, their love caused 6 deaths (apparently, as Google said), including the death of the BOTH OF THEM. Romeo killed himself because he thought Juliet was dead, but she was really just under that sleep potion. Then when Juliet wakes up, she finds Romeo’s dead body beside her, and realizes he’s dead, so she kills herself too. What the heck? And to make it even worse, their families, the Montagues and the Capulets, have had a feud for so long they don’t even know why they’re fighting anymore, all they know is that they hate eachother- for what reason? No one knows.

This play is such a tragedy, everything about it is tragic: the fact that they met and already love eachother, getting married after a day, people dying because of their love for eachother (Mercutio, Tybalt, etc.), family feuds worsens, Romeo dies, Juliet dies. There’s no love in this play. I feel so blergh when people tell me they want to be like Romeo and Juliet, or Daisy and Gatsby. None of those couples were cute. Most of them died.*

*Sidenote: I just realized that Romeo and Gatsby were both played by Leo, and he dies in both movies because of a girl that he loves so much. Then in Titanic he dies again. How many times does this man have to die until he finally gets an Oscar?!

So yeah, there’s that. I don’t know what else to say. I’m gonna go. Goodbye.


I was at Muskoka this Thanksgiving weekend to just unwind and relax and appreciate nature. Since the colours of the trees are changing, my parents decided to go there and see the colours of the leaves. We were only there for two days but that was enough to appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth.

Day 1
We drove to Muskoka for about 4 hours(?), not quite sure because I slept most of the way through. We stopped by to eat lunch at Weber’s for some burgers, which are just typical grilled burgers with ketchup, mustard, tomatoes, and lettuce. Nothing exciting. The cool thing though is that their dining area looks like a bullet train (I posted a picture of me in it on Instagram if you want to see). Anyway, we left right away because traffic was terrible. When we finally got there, our hotel was right by the river, that’s most likely why they called it Riverside. We checked in, usual stuff, rested for a bit, then headed out. We went to Strawberry Bay Lane and hiked a trail to get to the top of the hill overlooking Lake Muskoka.  It looks better when you’re there because you can see the fall colours of the trees on the other island. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Getting there was quite a journey considering that the trees were very high and the leaves were falling and the trail was uphill. Maple trees were yellow and others were turning burgundy/maroon.

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