Hello, hello! I haven’t done a TSC since February, it seems like! I totally forgot that I used to make these! But anyway, here’s what’s going on today.


My notes about the brain, its lobes, and the functions. I have a quiz coming up tomorrow for my Psychology class and I have to learn about that. The human brain is incredibly intriguing.

this blog post and additional notes on the chemistry lab I did in class last Friday.

to The Girl by City and Colour from my Spotify playlist.

about how tomorrow is going to turn out. I’m stressed that I’m not stressed about something I should be stressed about. Anyone else ever felt like that? It’s frustrating.

the coffee that’s right beside me and the vanilla bean scent from the Christmas candles my mom bought from Home Sense earlier.

for a blessing upon my chemistry mark (it’s not really pleasant). And also to get my crush’s number this week or sometime soon? I have a crush, unfortunately. I hate having feelings.

to do good tomorrow and that I pass my quizzes. Lord have mercy on my grades. I am simultaneously working hard and hardly working. I need to do better, I know, but it takes so much work and I have such little motivation to move!! Help!

my black Manhattan shirt, pink Christmas PJs, and pink shorts under the jammies.

the makeup palettes that I bought today – I finally got myself a contour and highlighter kit, and I bought another eyeshadow palette just because. A girl can never own so much makeup.

a back massage, a boyfriend, more coffee.

a 24-hour long sleep. I woke up at 5 in the afternoon yesterday and though it felt really good, I felt like I wasted a day away. It felt so off because I woke up and it was dark outside due to daylight savings time and I was confused whether it was early 5 in the morning or the night.

rather sleepy. So sleepy that I could fall asleep while drinking my coffee. And also quite excited! There’s a chance we might go to NYC, Boston and Washington during the Christmas break so I’m happy. I hope the plan pulls through, I’d love to go to Boston.

my pen.

I hope you all have/had a fantastic Sunday!



This is the second part of my New York Trip blogpost. The first one is here. I was in New York for three days and two nights and this blogpost contains the events that happened on the last day, from Rockefeller Center, to the NBC Studios, to the Top of the Rock, to MoMA, to La Guardia, and home.

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Greetings everyone! I was supposed to make this blogpost last month but for some reason I just didn’t have the motivation to make it. However, I do have that motivation now and I am having an iced tea and listening to alt-J so I am feeling much more motivated, so here is my New York City trip blogpost! This will be divided into two different posts because this will be long since we did so much stuff and visited a lot of places. So here’s part one of this New York Trip.

If you guys didn’t know, NYC is my favourite city ever and you’ve probably heard a lot of people say that already but I really do mean it. It gives me such a feeling that I don’t get from any other place. Living in Toronto you’d think I’d get the same city vibe that I get when I’m in New York, but nope. I mean, I still do love Toronto, I grew up here so it has a place in my heart, but New York has a bigger place in my heart.

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Hello, folks! I know, I know, I haven’t posted in what- 3 months? I seriously from the bottom of my heart apologize for that (mini) hiatus. I have been so busy with school for the past few weeks and have been putting off writing blogposts for weeks and weeks until it became months.

So, how have you guys been? How has life treated you lately? Anything new?

Well, for me, not much has changed. I’m still the same old me but now living somewhere else. I know I haven’t posted pictures of our new apartment yet but that’s because I only come home during the weekends, I spend the weekdays at my friends’ house where I’m currently living. When school finishes, I’m officially moving in to that apartment. I mean, everything I own is already set up there already. Heck, my parents are already living there! I promise to post pictures of the apartment when I officially move in, which is in two weeks. I have had so much work to do and exams were just this week. But I’m okay now since school is over.

Anyway, enough of my stressful life. I’ve got news for you guys. Yep, I’m going to New York City (again!) this Fourth of July weekend! It was only a brief plan, we barely thought about actually planning the trip. However, my mom still booked a flight and hotel to NYC. We’re leaving Toronto on July 1 to go to the city and as far as I can remember we’re staying in Upper East Side. Since we only went for two days the last time we went and barely got to where we wanted to go, we’re staying there for a longer amout of time this time. And we’re gonna go to as many spots that we want to because NYC trips rarely happens for us so we’re making the most of it this time.

So here is a list of spots I want to visit (in no particular order):

  • Times Square, this is always a must anyways.
  • Empire State Building, like actually see the New York skyline from up there.
  • MoMA!!! I didn’t go the last time and I’ve always been a lover of art so it would be AMAZING to go there.
  • Brooklyn Bridge, actually walk on it.
  • Brooklyn in general.
  • Grand Central just because it looks romantic and reminds me of Before We Go (2015).
  • Maybe see a play? (Hamilton preferably but I don’t have $$$)
  • Eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant (because my friends forced me to watch Forrest Gump last week).
  • Statue of Liberty, I went last time but never actually got off the ferry.
  • Anything else in between.
  • The MET.
  • 9/11 Memorial.

So that’s it so far, I think. I don’t know where else I want to go because those are the main attractions. I just can’t wait, you know. It’s my favourite place in the world and I would drop anything I’m doing to go there anytime. The city itself gives me a feeling I can’t put into words but it makes me feel happy and new.

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great start of the summer because I sure will! Again, sorry for not posting a lot but I promise I will this summer.

PS: I’m gonna bring back my YouTube because I got a GoPro this week and I’m gonna film while in NYC so you guys should check my YouTube out. Link’s on the right side of my blog.


Hey everybody! I know I haven’t posted anything in over a month and it’s almost been like a hiatus. It’s just been really busy lately because of the new semester, school work, and moving. Yes, moving. This is what this post really is about.

My parents and I are officially moving back in Toronto on May 7th. However, I still have to finish the school year here in Mississauga so I can’t move in to our new place until the beginning of July. I don’t know where I’m going to stay during that over-a-month period of time but I’m sure it’ll work out.

We were first planning to move to Brampton, which is just a few minutes away from my current house right now but that didn’t work out. Then, we planned to move to one of the semi-detached houses in Niagara, having the house attached to ours be my mom’s coworker’s house. We were all ready to move in but the plan was that if my family or my mom’s friend didn’t get approved by the bank, we wouldn’t buy the house. So yeah, that didn’t work. It was too far too, I thought, but I guess if we ended up living there I would get used to it sooner or later. And now, the same friend of my mom told us about an apartment that was on the market at their building. We checked it out, was really impressed because it looked more like a condo than an apartment, took the deal, and now we’re buying furniture. We’ve got bed frames, mattresses, paintings, dining table, mirrors, blinds, etc. We’re all set, I think.

I’m really excited about this whole thing, if I were being honest with you. The new place we’re going to live in is in the city, it’s surrounded by buildings and night life and pretty lights and busy people trying to get to work everyday. And if you knew me, that’s exactly my dream. I’ve always wanted to be in New York City and Toronto is just like that, except less lively. Anyways, I’m super hyped because I got a bunch of new furniture I can use when I move in early July. I can’t wait to meet new people and go to a new school although the thought of leaving my current friends still saddens me. It always crosses my mind. My friend told me a couple of days ago that I won’t be able to graduate with them, or go to prom with them, and do all these high school things with them and even if they invite me to go, it won’t be the same because I’m not really a part of the school. Does that make sense? But yeah, you know, typically it makes me sad but I’m still excited.  It still hasn’t hit me that I’m leaving so right now I barely feel anything about the entire situation.

Because of this whole thing, I’m reminded that nothing in life stays forever. People come and go and things will never always be there and what we need to learn is to deal with it. It’s hard to say goodbyes but we need to learn how to say them anyways. It’s tough, yes, but pain is temporary, just like anything else. I mean, you can always keep in touch with people by texting or calling or video chats or through social media. There are endless amounts of ways you can communicate with your friends. From this situation I learn that things may end but there will always be another start. I’m so thankful.

Anyways, that’s all. Just wanted to update you guys about what’s been happening lately. I’ll try to post pictures of the apartment when I visit it again and I’m gonna try to keep you guys updated. Thanks for still being here. I appreciate it. 🙂