Last August 27th, I went to see Bruno Mars with my bestfriend, Rey, to the 24k Magic World Tour at the Air Canada Centre. We arrived there at 5 p.m., but they didn’t let in people until 6:30. We stood in line for a bit, and we were in the front of the line.

When they let people in, the first thing Rey and I did was go to the merch area since we thought that if we went after the concert, the lineup would be long since everybody would be scurrying to buy Bruno’s merch. So we went before the concert started and wore the shirts we got during the concert. Rey and I got the same Bruno shirt. She got the little bag that said 24k Magic World Tour as well (I don’t have a picture of her bag).

When we got our stuff, we hurried to the arena to find our seats. It started with the opening act, as concerts usually would. I can’t remember who the opening act was, but it was a DJ. He played a bunch of early R&B tracks mixed with current hits from this summer. It was pretty good, in my opinion. We didn’t really pay attention to the DJ since Rey and I did a livestream on Periscope, so we didn’t really get to listen to the music that was played.


DJ’s opening act

After the opening act, that’s when Bruno came on. There was a video intro talking about whether we were ready for the night to start, how we’re all going to party and have fun, etc. It was all to hype up the rest of the night. Then that’s when Bruno appeared. There he was, a tiny little smooth man just singing and dancing to his own music. And everyone lost themselves to the beat of every song, to the dance moves, and overall the music. It was a beautiful night. There were 15 songs in the setlist, and every song was absolutely amazing. There is a huge difference in hearing a song on the radio, and hearing it live, BUT the songs sounding the exact same! It’s wonderful. Bruno is amazing, and that is honestly such an understatement. I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves.


Bruno ended the show with Just the Way You Are, and it was so beautiful. The concert was so lively and it was so much fun. I’m pretty convinced that he’s the best performer and singer of our time right now. He is amazing and I’m so proud of him because we’re both 5’5 Filipinos. It’s nice to see some kind of successful representation in the industry. I love him.


Here is a picture of Rey and I at the concert. I can’t remember if it was taken before or after. Anyway, I’d like to thank Rey for coming with me, and for her stepdad for giving us free tickets to see Bruno. It was so much fun, and quite possibly the best night of my life thus far. I’m so thankful to have experienced this with her. I’ll never forget it.

PS: If you ever have the chance to see Bruno Mars live in concert, go. He’ll blow your mind with his vocals and smoothness and dance moves. He’s a joy to see on stage. What a legend.




Hello! I have not posted since last year, I am so sorry. Life has just gotten so busy and I have totally forgotten about this blog. I remembered it from time to time though, constantly visiting and reading through my old posts, but never actually typing up anything to post. So for that, I apologize.ย I just want to give you guys a quick update on my life and what it has been these past few months.

  • I go to a new school now. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that before? Or maybe I have and have totally forgotten about it. Anyway, I do go to a different school now. I’ve made friends and have made memories that I cherish with the people who are dear to me. I’m a senior in high school now! The first time I ever posted a blogpost on here was when I was still a wee little sophomore, haha.
  • I went to the Philippines for three weeks. I visited my family back home and it was a great time! Blogpost about this coming up!
  • My bestfriend flew from LA this summer. Pretty self explanatory but I met up with Rey this summer and she spent the weekend here with me. We met up with our other friend, Eve, for the first time! It was great. We went to Snakes & Lattes and played a bunch of board games, got lunch, went to Sonic Boom, and basically just walked around downtown.
  • I SAW BRUNO MARS. My favourite performer and possibly singer of all time(?). He’s so great live, I can’t stress that enough. I got to see him for free, thanks to Rey’s stepdad, who got us tickets. Anyway, it was a great night. It was my first concert too and I got to see my favourite with my favourite. Blogpost about this coming up.
  • I think I know what I want to do in the future. I’m planning to take either psychology or criminology for post-secondary. I’ll major in one of those, and take the other as a minor. I thought that maybe writing isn’t really a career choice for me, or maybe it is. I don’t know yet and I’m not 100% sure. But whatever way I go, I will make sure that I am happy with my decision.

I think that’s it? Nothing extravagant really happened during the past months that I was gone. I’ve had more bad days than good ones, but I’m pulling through and I think that’s what matters. A lot has changed, but I’m still me.


Only two celebrity deaths has fully hit home to me: Robin Williams and as of today, Carrie Fisher. It sucks that we lost her because she was such a strong, witty, and smart woman. She carried herself unapologetically with such great confidence and power and never conformed to what Hollywood told her she was.ย As a Star Wars fan I feel like I’d just lost someone so close to me; like a mother or a sister or a friend. I lost a role model who I cared for and loved so dearly.

Carrie battled with addiction, mental illness, sexism, ageism, and body shaming, and she survived through all of them. She was very open about her mental illness and talked about it in great depths that will forever have a big impact on me and many others. She taught me how to be a strong woman despite of being seen as weak and being seen as the damsel in distress – the one that always had to be saved. She taught me that I can save myself, that I can become who I want to become when I rise above hate. She taught me that being a princess doesn’t mean that I had to be saved, because I can save myself. She killed her oppressors using the chains they put on her (literally, I mean look at Jabba the Hut). She taught me to resist and fight for myself, to be bold and truthful and loud and own myself and everything I do. She taught me to be open about my mental health, that it’s okay to suffer from these things and that getting help is important. She taught me that girls can be anything. That’s the Carrie Fisher I know.

She wasn’t only Princess Leia, she’s an author, a screenwriter, an actress, a mother. She was so much more and she had such huge impact on Hollywood and I will be forever thankful to have known her even through a movie screen. She deserved the world and I lover and owe her so much.

Carrie is the brightest star in the galaxy and I am sure that the Force is with her.

Thank you, Carrie Fisher, for everything you have done, for the impact you’ve created and will continue to create even after you’re gone. You will always be the strong, funny, witty woman we grew up to.

We love you and you know.


Hello, hello! I haven’t done a TSC since February, it seems like! I totally forgot that I used to make these! But anyway, here’s what’s going on today.


My notes about the brain, its lobes, and the functions. I have a quiz coming up tomorrow for my Psychology class and I have to learn about that. The human brain is incredibly intriguing.

this blog postย and additional notes on the chemistry lab I did in class last Friday.

to The Girlย by City and Colour from my Spotify playlist.

about how tomorrow is going to turn out. I’m stressed that I’m not stressed about something I should be stressed about. Anyone else ever felt like that? It’s frustrating.

the coffee that’s right beside me and the vanilla bean scent from the Christmas candles my mom bought from Home Sense earlier.

for a blessing upon my chemistry mark (it’s not really pleasant). And also to get my crush’s number this week or sometime soon? I have a crush, unfortunately. I hate having feelings.

to do good tomorrow and that I pass my quizzes. Lord have mercy on my grades. I am simultaneously working hard and hardly working. I need to do better, I know, but it takes so much work and I have such little motivation to move!! Help!

my black Manhattan shirt, pink Christmas PJs, and pink shorts under the jammies.

the makeup palettes that I bought today – I finally got myself a contour and highlighter kit, and I bought another eyeshadow palette just because. A girl can never own so much makeup.

a back massage, a boyfriend, more coffee.

a 24-hour long sleep. I woke up at 5 in the afternoon yesterday and though it felt really good, I felt like I wasted a day away. It felt so off because I woke up and it was dark outside due to daylight savings time and I was confused whether it was early 5 in the morning or the night.

rather sleepy. So sleepy that I could fall asleep while drinking my coffee. And also quite excited! There’s a chance we might go to NYC, Boston and Washington during the Christmas break so I’m happy. I hope the plan pulls through, I’d love to go to Boston.

my pen.

I hope you all have/had a fantastic Sunday!